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For many Clifton Park parents with young children, it is financially impossible to afford the cost of life on only one salary. For single parents, staying at home with the kids is virtually out of the question. This is why more and more parents turn to Clifton Park daycare providers for help.

We believe in treating each child with personalized care and attention, according to their unique needs and personality. We always take the time to get to know the children entrusted to our care and provide parents with progress reports at the end of each day. Our goal is to assist Clifton Park area parents in helping each child achieve his or her full potential. To this end, we strongly encourage each parent to come forward with questions at any time, and are more than happy to take the time necessary to discuss your child's progress or any other concern you (or we) may have.

Kinder Park Child Care understands that there is nothing in the world more important than the well-being and happiness of your Clifton Park children. Each and every one of our Clifton Park daycare providers is in our employ for one reason only: because they love working with and caring for kids. Every member of our Clifton Park staff has a child care certification, which includes being up to date on first aid and child CPR.

If you are looking for a professional, responsible Clifton Park daycare individuals who love working with children and you live in or around the Clifton Park area, then Kinder Park Child Care is here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us or, better still, come by our Clifton Park daycare center.

Kinder Park Child Care has been offering expert Clifton Park child care services for parents in the Clifton Park area for many years. Our certified and experienced daycare providers in Clifton Park are dedicated to making your child's experience at Kinder Park Child Care rewarding and fun. We are not merely a babysitting service; we provide for your children an environment in which interaction, learning and development exercises are a part of every game and activity.


This place is not only great but I encourage other parents to send tbeir kids here. My kids had trouble connecting sentences when speaking, and my youngest speaking, their ages one being 4 yrs old and other is 2 half. Going here my kids by week 2 were doing better. Rose and Dana are amazing with kids, their kind and loving towards my kids. My wife and I had a hard time sending our kids to a trusting, and worthy daycare and Kinder Park made it so easy for us. Our kids loved going there and my oldest one ata 4 started writing her ABCs.. so anothet benfit for kids is Rose and Dana invest in education here by splitting up kids in 2 groups for starters and advance. I would highly recommend Kinder Park.

-Eli Smaj

We sent our 3-year son to Kinder Park after we tried some other day cares in Clifton Park. The boy didn't talk at all in other day cares and he wasn't happy, we knew it. Yes, other day cares may be slightly better equipped or slightly bigger. But the trouble with those other day cares is that their staff change too often. Staffs we met in other day cares seems to be pretty nice - but they didn't seem to care too much about my kid. For the kids that are not so outgoing, good luck. So we decided to gave this place a try - the boy wasn't thriving in other places and we didn't seem to have much options at the time. The first thing we noticed was that the boy was well fed at Kinder Park as he started to gain weight. A hot served meal is good for kids in our opinion. After more than a year at the Kinder Park, the boy was much better prepared physically and mentally. Now he attends Saratoga Academy and does well. And very soon we will send our 2-year daughter to Kinder Park

-Zekai Hong

My 4 year has been with Rose for 2 years, and has loved every minute of it. My daughter constantly tells me how much she loves Rose. My daughter completely refused to to potty train for me, and Rose had her trained in two weeks. My 4 year old is able to write her name, and write multiple letters of the alphabet. Her "class time" every day with Rose will get her perfectly ready for kindergarden, and don't worry Rose even sends homework to ensure she is truly ready for school. My 2 year old has been with Rose now for 5 months. Before she started going there I was becoming worried because she her speech had not really developed as far as other children her age. I spoke to Rose about this when she started, and she told me to give her until the fall before I had her tested. She was so right. My 2 year old is now talking in full sentences, and truly has great manners. Overall I am very pleased with my experience with this center. I love how they spend lots of time learning and playing outside. Both of my daughters both love Rose, and my husband and I feel very confident they are in great hands.

-Alexis Bartos

Please feel free to contact us or visit our Clifton Park daycare center for more information.