Special Programs



Kinder Park educational programs for preschoolers in the Albany, Clifton Park and Latham area are available for children ages 2- 5 and offer numerous advantages to their preparation for kindergarten. With educational programs designed according the different stages of a toddler's development, professionally trained early childhood educators provide instruction in the core subjects of Math, Science, Reading and Writing within an age appropriate curriculum for each child.

Programs are available in the following classifications:

  • Junior Pre-K 2-3 yrs.
  • Pre- K 3-4 yrs.
  • Kindergarten prep 4-5 yrs.


Unique to the Albany, Clifton Park and Latham, NY areas, Kinder Park also provides young learners with the chance to discover music and offers formal piano lessons. Other alternative and varied options include sign language. Pre-school and after-school programs are also available for children already attending kindergarten.

Kinder Park seeks to effectively prepare children prior to their entry into kindergarten both academically and socially, within a caring and child-centered environment. Many children exhibit accelerated learning abilities within 6 months of attending our specially designed programs.

According to an article from the study from the Association of Psychological Science, (APS) "Numerous studies have shown that pre-school improves the learning and development of young children and that the benefits of preschool are long lasting: Enrollment in preschool has been associated with less grade repetition, higher rates of high school graduation, and improved social behavior." 1

The advantages to your child attending Kinder Park include:

  • Development critical thinking abilities
  • Discovery of their particular talents and aptitudes
  • Opportunity to learn core subjects in a relaxed environment
  • Access to a variety of stimulating activities


Kinder Park seeks to offer Albany, Clifton Park and Latham parents and their children an innovative educational and childcare option within a traditional setting. The curriculum conceived and taught by early childhood education specialists not only offers children a head start to kindergarten but also provides a solid foundation for the beginning of their participation in the society in which we live.


1 From: The Effects of Preschool Education:
What We Know, How Public Policy Is or Is Not Aligned With the Evidence Base, and What We Need to Know
Robert C. Pianta, W. Steven Barnett, Margaret Burchinal, and Kathy R. Thornburg


From Parents

Both my son and daughter spent two years at Kinder Park Child Care's infant program. Every day when I dropped them off, I had complete confidence that they would be well cared for, engaged, learning and enjoying their day. It was so wonderful to have Kinder Park Child Care in their lives. They are amazing with children and have so much experience with all sorts of temperaments and situations.
I would highly recommend them!

- C.A.