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At Kinder Park, we believe parent involvement in education is crucial to its success and look forward to getting to know you and your child. We welcome family participation in our classroom activities and special outings in the Albany NY area. Whether parents contribute by offering their time as a field-trip chaperone, or an assistant for a particular classroom activity, Kinder Park Child Care is pleased to work toward forming solid partnerships with the parents of Albany, Clifton Park and Latham to achieve a common goal: excellence in your preschooler’s security and educational development.


After nearly three decades of providing reliable and professional child care and preschool instruction to Upper New York State children, Kinder Park has steadily evolved according to the changing needs of a busy and diverse contemporary family unit. Offering a flexible drop-in daycare service, or gearing specific classroom activities that provide insight into specific cultural backgrounds, are examples of way that Kinder Park encourages parental input and suggestions. Individual and cultural diversity are enthusiastically introduced and used as educational tools, ideally, during distinctive holiday celebrations that may be unfamiliar to some students. Parental support is encouraged during these unique opportunities for learning and sharing.


The Kinder Park Child Care doors open at 7:30am each morning and are never closed for ‘snow days’ or any other circumstance other than customary national holidays. Albany, Latham and Clifton Park families have relied on the dependable and professionally trained educators and child care workers from Kinder Park for 27 years.


Kinder Park seeks to create a family-like atmosphere that reflects the most admirable elements of its local community. Through its commitment to offering a high standard of preschool instruction, encouraging constructive parental contribution, combined with relevant community outreach, Kinder Park Childcare offers an excellent foundation for the children of Albany, Clifton Park or Latham as they begin their journey into the sphere of life.



From Parents

Kinder Park Child Care has such high standards in their childcare facilities that they have only the best staff working in them. They have found perfect care workers who truly love what they do, and who live and breathe for the children they care for. My son has been with Kinder Park Child Care for three years, and I have watched him blossom into a happy, sensitive and caring little boy with confidence in himself.
- C.T.