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Almost three decades have passed since Kinder Park Child Care originated as a unique option to accessible childcare for the parents of Albany, Clifton Park and Latham looking for more than just an ordinary daycare service. At the time, preschool academic instruction that combined playtime with learning was virtually non-existent in a region where standard playgroups were the norm. Determined to provide an alternative, and with a newly acquired degree in Early Childhood education, Rosemarie Haberl transformed her living space, furnished it with state-of-the-art equipment for educational playtime and learning, and set out to realize her vision: a preschool child care service that would provide young children with an educational head start before kindergarten. Combining her extensive knowledge from recent studies in child development, she created a curriculum designed for young toddlers that offers an introduction into the core subjects of formal schooling and enables a natural, spontaneous learning through discovery and play.

Through the years, stimulating extras were offered that included instruction in piano. Kinder Park Child Care gradually evolved into a preschool that Clifton Park, Albany, and Latham, NY parents could rely upon even on snow days or for flexible educational childcare according to their scheduling requirements. The cozy home school environment combined with its ideal proximity to an outdoor playground, evolved into a trusted preschool with many parents reporting a noticeable change in their child's learning skills after only a short time in the program. The parents of Albany, Clifton Park and Latham are not only welcome but also encouraged to participate in field trips and invited to contribute during special classroom presentations.

As an established learning center where children are offered academic instruction in a secure and caring environment, Kinder Park is also a respected member of the Capital District, and Family Child Care Associations. It has endured as a trustworthy and reliable preschool establishment by virtue of its operating on the fundamental belief of its original founder that, "Little minds can do great things."

We are CPR and first aid certified. every staff member must go thru a thorough background check and are fingerprinted. Every staff member must have a college background in early childhood. There is a 4 to 1 ratio per child. We are a NYS licensed accredited daycare. We are licensed for 16 children, but only enroll 12 children between the age of 16 mos. and 7 yrs. to three teachers.

Please see special programs regarding our educational philosophy. We provide breakfast, hot lunch and snack daily and are apart of the FDA food program. Our discipline guidelines must be administered in such a way as to help each child develop self-control and assume responsibility for his or own actions through clear and consistent rules and limits appropriate to the ages and development. We send a newsletter home monthly, highlightingactivities. They include questions to ask your child about what they have learned. Toddlers are sent home with daily notes about children's activities, appetites, naps, diaper changes and potty training. Our pre-schooler's and pre-k group are sent home with daily reports regarding what they are learning.


Please feel free to contact us or visit our Clifton Park daycare center for more information.


From Parents

Both my son and daughter spent two years at Kinder Park Child Care's infant program. Every day when I dropped them off, I had complete confidence that they would be well cared for, engaged, learning and enjoying their day. It was so wonderful to have Kinder Park Child Care in their lives. They are amazing with children and have so much experience with all sorts of temperaments and situations.
I would highly recommend them!

- C.A.